Monday, November 18, 2013

Still no monster...

.. instead, you get poor, conehead Tux.
"I do NOT like this cone"

And why is Tux in a cone? Well, he has a growth on his leg, and last night, it burst. Now every time he licks it, it starts bleeding again. I woke up this morning to a house that looked like a crime scene. (You can see the blood on the mattress behind him.) So up we went to the vet. We came home with a cone, some antibiotics (because he's diabetic and the wound is on an extremity, the vet was worried) and a quote for some very costly surgery that he'll need to have done in the near future.
His poor shaved paw. The growth is like a cluster of blood filled sacs,
though the vet says there is something hard in there

To help cover the costs of his surgery, we've got a sale going in the shop. We've extended our Customer Appreciation sale, so use the code LOVE15 and you'll save 15% off your purchase. Every skein sold will help.
'I really do NOT like this cone!!!"
I've also put my patterns on sale for 25% off. (With the exception of Chuck and Katherine, which raise money for charities) - no code necessary. Any purchase is greatly appreciated!
"Wait.... does cone mean I get extra lovin'.... and maybe some tuna???"
Thank you!

I had to share this pic of my faithful knitting companion on a better day
We still knit like this frequently (though not with the cone!)


kathy b said...

Oh poor TUx. Wishing him the best
I will check out the sales

Araignee said...

Oh no....poor baby and I know it's even worse for you. I'm heading over to your shop right now.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

poor Tux
looking forward to my Top Cat
the yellow looks gorgeous.
prayers for Tux

Frieda said...

Poor Tux , that looks painful ! Hope that the surgery goes well and that you get a lot of sales to help out with the vet bills . Mike just bought me an early birthday gift ;-)) .

That is such a sweet picture of you and Tux . He sure knows how to pick his spot !

lexa said...

I started perusing the shop last night but got sidetracked with a big fight between the two hoodlums and hauled the rotor for the night. (Fighting over a computer when there's two other laptops and another computer in the house! AND two iPads!) So I will continue tonight. :)