Saturday, September 23, 2017

Autumn in the wild

Yesterday was the first day of fall, but it certainly didn't feel like. While the beginning of September was beautifully autumnal - it looks like the last two weeks are set on feeling like high-summer. It's hot and humid with the a/c back on and no end in sight. Blech.

I haven't been spending too much time outside because of it but I do have to go out to feed and spend time with Relic, so I've been keeping tabs on my little wilderness.
The last of the Mammoth sunflowers are still shining. I've already cut two humongous heads and have seeds drying for the birds for winter.
The Iceland poppies are a really funny plant. The leaves are fairly compact, but the stems grow long and willy-nilly all over the place, so I often find poppies blooming in the other plants - like this lovely yellow bloom making friendly with the Lupins.
The Anemones have strong straight stems, but some how, this one managed to find herself cozied up with the double bloom Susans. I really hope this Anemone plant makes it through winter - I adore it!
The Pin Cushion plant is enjoying a little revival.
As is the blue Sage (salvia). It looks like the Lavender is going to pick up bit too. All three of these plants are together and this corner of the garden smells amazing!
The Candy Mountain foxglove still hasn't bloomed, but the Peach Dalmatian has been going all summer. I've never got a Foxglove to make it through winter - hopefully this year will be the year!
All of the roses are in bud or blooming - and of course, Chicago Peace is a show-off. If you're looking for a reliable rose bush this is the one! She blooms from June to October no matter the weather.
My Blue Girl isn't as robust or consistent, but she still gives me a thrill every time she blooms. She's hands-down, my favourite.
The Butterfly Mix seeds I planted in spring turned out to be mostly CatchFly and Allysum. When the Catch-Fly died off, I moved the Allysum to the Little Bee garden below Chicago Peace. It's absolutely exploded! It's hard to tell from the picture, but this is the tallest Allysum I've ever seen - easily 12 inches high.

And as I was out inspecting the wild, I realized something else...
I've got quite the menagerie of Snoopervisers now.
Every where I turned...
...someone was watching me.
And it looks like Relic is going to become a permanent member of the team.  We've got him on a wait list at the shelter Rupert came from. They have a low cost vet clinic, so we're going to get him snipped, tested, vaccinated and chipped. 

We're not sure how well he'll transition into being a house cat - he gets along with Burton well (as long as Burton is not jumping on him), but Rupert is still not convinced. But even if  he won't come inside, we're committing to his care. We'll get him a shelter for winter and make sure he's fed and vetted when needed.


Delighted Hands said...

You have created the Secret Garden for your menagerie of felines....what a wonderful place to sit with sweet company!

Araignee said...

Such beautiful blooms!!!! And all those kitties! The new addition is looking quite content.

Anonymous said...

Rupert may come around after Relic is fixed.

I must say, you grow some beautiful cats in your garden.

gayle said...

Your flowers are all just beautiful! (And so are the kitties!)
I think I should treat myself to a Chicago Peace rose. I absolutely love the colors!

kathy b said...

Dees sentiments are so right on!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Such a healthy and handsome group of kitties you have. You are an angel for taking them in and caring for them like you do. Pretty flowers too. :-)

Eastside Cats said...

Great photos of your garden and kitties! Yay for Relic!