Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fair round-up

While Dave was at work Friday night, I hopped the bus and headed up to the fair to see what I had won. I am happy to say - I cleaned up.

Okay... I entered five jars of jam and won absolutely nothing there.... but in the knitting department... I entered 11 items and every single one got a ribbon - most of them 1st prize! I couldn't believe it!

First - let me apologize for the photos. Twenty-five years ago (the last time I was at the fair) they did a much better job of displaying the crafts and such. Now everything is crammed in one tiny corner behind a plexiglass guard. It was really hard to get decent pics... so to show what actually won - I'm including my pictures below...
My lovely Port Credit socks...
Came home with first place in Adult Socks! This made me so happy because I was really torn on which pair of socks to enter. Looks like I chose well.
My Fairies Wear Boots
Came away with first prize for Boot Cuffs.  There were quite a few pairs of boot cuffs entered, which surprised me.  I guess they are becoming more popular.
 My Hooter Hat and Mitts.
Also scored first for Adult Hat and Mitts. This really made me happy because I did not enjoy making those mitts!
 My Queen Mab design
Took first place for adult cardigan.
 Wren's Bethany Dress...
Snagged first for infant dresses.
Also got a pretty red ribbon for Shrugs.
My Loop Cowl, which I designed after visiting Chicago (and for some reason don't have a finished picture of)
Also claimed first for Cowls!
Old Shale was the one I was really betting on for First...
But she surprised me with a third. for infant cardigan
The Posey set
Grabbed third for Bonnets and booties.
Aeolian was another surprise
I thought she'd rank higher than third in the Shawl/Ponch category, but I'll take it.
My cute little Nessie
Only got fourth for child's toy. I guess not everyone loves a Loch Monster.

So I am pleased as punch with my winnings... time to get ready for next year!


Dee said...

Way to GO!!!! But, we always knew you are a top notch knitter!

Bridget said...

HOW EXCITING!!! You must have been so incredibly excited. Congratulations!

Delighted Hands said...

YES! You are a first place knitter/designer in our estimation and it is nice to see the smart people at the Fair agree!! lol

kathy b said...

Oh You are so good. So fun to have the ribbons to prove it. I had no doubts. NONE

chrisknits said...

You were robbed on Aeolian and Old Shale!!! Kudos!

Cat Lover said...

Congratulations Valerie!!!!
You are such an accomplished knitter, I am glad you were recognized for all your hard work.
Take care!

Eastside Cats said...

Score! Congrats on your ribbons!
Personally, I'd take the Nessie toy, even though I'm an adult...hehehehe!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Way to go!!! Now that's what I call knocking it out of the park! Congratulations! I knew you'd do good. I disagree with that third on the Old Shale baby cardigan though...just sayin. That one's a first in my book!

Araignee said...

WOWZA!!!! You did clean up. That is wonderful but not altogether surprising.
PS: Send me your address on Rav. I've got plenty of soap and will send you some soon!

Vera said...

Congratulations! I had no doubt you would do well. So wonderful! You should be so proud.

Samantha said...


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

How wonderful!!! And Congratulations! Your little Nessie is just too precious. You'd have been a step up in that category if I was one of the judges, I'm quite sure.
Lovely work all around,

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Congratulations! Well done.