Thursday, April 7, 2016

Meme things

Another meme from KathyB
*Do you Listen to  or watch any Knit Podcasts?
No. My blog reading/recreational internet time is usually done between work projects, in an open concept office setting, so videos are generally out. But honestly, I've always preferred the written word to video.

*Do you purchase pattern books now that you have Ravelry? 
If there's enough patterns in it that I like, absolutely. But I love books in general. That said, I have several pattern books upstairs that I bought because I love the patterns,  and I've not knit one thing from them... going to have to rectify that very soon.

*Do you have a photo of yourself knitting? 
I have a couple actually - but I think this one is my favourite
Just look how fat Tux was, and how small my sock yarn blanket was! I still have to knit like that frequently, though he fits in my lap a little better now.

*Do you have a photo of a relative who has passed knitting or crocheting? 
Not that I can recall - I know there was a lot of sewers in my family, but not sure about knitters. No one has ever mentioned it, though I imagine some of them did.

*What is your favorite two color combination?
Pale pink and green!
*Have you ever had an injury that prevented you from knitting?
Yup. Sore wrists. They really put the kibosh on the stitching

*Do you know a man who loves to knit?
Not personally. I think it's sexy as hell though. I offer to teach men of my acquaintance all the time but so far, no one has taken me up on the offer.

*Have you ever been asked to knit something for pay?
Yes. A lot. I normally turn it down, because most people don't want to pay what it's worth. (Don't get me started on that...) But once, before the lovely Aneesha started knitting, I knit a baby blanket for her - but only because she's awesome. And the commission was just too fun of an idea.
*Have you knit with Quivet?
Nope. but I have knit with possum! Warmest scarf ever.

*Do you play the lottery and would you giveaway yarns if you won?
I do. Here in Ontario, all winnings are tax free. One has a jackpot that's regularly around $50 million so I like to play and dream when I get up there. (I've also been known to enjoy a good scratch ticket or two). As for giving away yarn - never really considered it. Big on my list are taking Dave to Scotland and building a quaint but luxurious dream house/farm. And maybe starting a cat rescue.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Tux is hanging on to you so you don't escape!!! He's such a handsome boy!

Araignee said...

That baby blanket is adorbs!!!!

kathy b said...

I remember that Linus blanket, I think. I Love your photo too of you knitting with Tux. LOVE your hair!
Thanks for playing the meme. Im having fun thinking them up.
I didnt know your (Canadian) lottery winnings are tax free! WOW