Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday sketches

As mentioned last week, my intention is polish my rusty sketching skills by doing at least one piece of art each week. To keep me committed to that, I'm starting Saturday Sketches... every Saturday (hopefully) I will bring you a new piece of art I created (and I say art instead of sketch, because I hope to get back into painting a bit too).

Since in my first sketch of Miss Rowan, I made her look a little more like Miss Paisley, I decided to tackle Miss Paisley this week. The inspiration:
One of my all time favourite pictures of this beautiful, intelligent, funny, amazing young lass. I took this picture at her sister's fifth birthday a few years ago, and it never ceases to make me smile. In fact, I have it up on my wall at work.

And now, the sketch
Not too bad. There's no mistaking who it is. Though I have a habit of ageing people when I draw them - especially kids. Cherubic cheeks, dimples and nose curves are so hard to capture without making them look like age lines.

But we're getting there.


Araignee said...

Awesome! You really did capture her look!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

You have definately captured her expresion......oh how I wish I could draw like that!

kathy b said...

You have a real knack for this. My goodness . Her face is lovely

Delusional Knitter said...

Ohhh I'd love to see Saturday Sketches!!! That is a great pic of her! Lovely sketch too!!

Chrisknits b said...

Adorable! I think it's a very good likeness.

Anonymous said...

But, you captured her freckles and her dimple just perfectly. And .....she DID age if the photo was a couple of years old. It should look JUST like her NOW, right??? LOL