Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kwik Kwestions from KathyB

Would you rather have someone sit by you and teach you a knit skill, or watch something on you tube and learn ?
I prefer in person. Much more fun. Though with YouTube you have the advantage of going back and watching it again for a refresher. Your person may not always be around.
I'm lucky though, this lady...
Is almost always available.

What is the largest number of stitches you have ever had on a circular needle at one time?
Oh gee… probably the collar of my Lestrange cardigan…. Up around 700 or so, I think.
Would you rather learn falconry or swim with a dolphin?
Falconry, hands down. Don’t get me wrong, Dolphins are cool. But I LOVE birds of prey.
Adolescent Red-Tailed Hawk that perched on the roof racks
on my car almost 10 years ago
Coffeecake or cheesecake?
Coffee cake. I’m not a cheesecake fan. Also... now I'm hungry.

Bacon or sausage?
Bacon (though I don’t mind a nice maple sugar breakfast sausage now and again) And now I'm really hungry.

Do you use any solar energy?
No. I wish I did though – the hydro bill has been murder this summer. Next year I’ll probably  get some solar lights for the garden.  Almost everyone in our complex has them and they look so nice.

Witchypoorides again or Henpecked.? (Blue Moon Sock Yarns)
Henpecked – like the colours much better, though I like the Witchypoo name.
Witchypoo Rides Again


How much does a wool cycling jersey cost today?
According to a quick google search - $50 and up depending on the style.

What handknit gifts get the most usage per year, in your family?
Socks… hands (or feet) down. Mom and I were just discussing how Dad and Dave rarely wear store-bought socks any more

Apple butter or applesauce?
Apple sauce. Dave's not a fan of applesauce, but I love it with a pork roast, so I've devised a way to make just enough applesauce for one...
  • Peel and core 1 large apple. 
  • Grate apple into a microwavable bowl. 
  • Add 1 tbsp of brown sugar
  • Microwave for 1 minute on high.
  • Remove from microwave, stir and serve!


Dee said...

Love your recipe for quick applesauce!

The hawk picture is pretty cool. He seems a bit confused as to why you are taking his picture. LOL

kathy b said...

Glad you answered and glad you gave me a one person applesauce ! Sure saves me time and the crock pot hours of counter time

RobinH said...

My husband isn't a particular fan of applesauce either, but I go the other route- large batches and then I freeze it in yogurt cups. One cup decanted into a bowl and microwaved for 6 minutes gives me a hot steaming bowl of warm applesauce to eat with my hot-buttered-toast made from homemade bread on a cold winter morning!

One thing to know about applesauce is that it freezes *extremely* well. Unlike canning which changes the flavor.

Araignee said...

The hawk photo reminds me of the time I put the parrot in her giant cage on the deck and came back to find one of those on top of it. She doesn't go out anymore.