Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I'm very excited. Eight years after moving out, I finally bought my very first big girl shovel.

Frequently, when I need tools for something, I just borrow Dad's. But slowly, over the years I've been trying to accumulate my own.

And this year is the year of the shovel (though I bought a lawn rake too - but I'm not nearly as excited about it. )

You see, I had some excavation to do. This weekend coming up is the Victoria Day weekend here in Canada. For some, it's the first weekend to go camping, for others it's a party weekend - but for a large number of us, it's the biggest gardening weekend of the year.

It's generally the earliest that we can start planting our summer plants, without fear of frost.

As you know, I've been cultivating some seeds to plant a honey-bee friendly garden - and the sunflowers are definitely ready to be transplanted - so I needed that shovel to dig new garden in the backyard.

Last night we got a really good rain, so I figured today would be the perfect day to start excavation - the ground would be nice and soft.
It didn't take long - much less time than I expected, though admittedly, I didn't need to go very deep, really just removing the top layer of grass and soil. I have some nice black top soil to fill it in with - my flowers are going to love it.

While I was at the garden centre picking up soil, I also picked up something I've wanted for a very long time - a rose bush.

Despite having lots of gardens growing up, we never had roses. When I was a teen and we were living in the city, I convinced Mom to get a rose bush for the front garden. The night after we planted it, someone stole it. Seriously.

At the old place, I had the wild roses from hell, planted by some long ago tenant. They were pretty, but I've always wanted tea roses. With the wild roses out front in the old place, there was no room. And the backyard was too shady.

But this backyard - this backyard has full sun and lots of room. And I have the perfect spot, right beside the patio, just waiting for a perfect tea rose
So I started digging. This hole had to be deeper than the bee garden, but in this area, it doens't take long until you hit clay
But it was deep enough for my rose bush
I chose a nice, solid white one, though now that I look at the spot, there's definitely room for one or two more... what's your favourite colour of rose?


Rachelle said...

I don't choose a rose by colour; it's got to smell divine instead!

Lily Razz said...

I'm not sure about my favourite color of rose, but I do love love roses! How wonderful to be able to 'decorate' your garden! Fiancé and me are visiting my parents in Calgary in three weeks, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

My favorite roses are 'John Kennedy' and 'Mr. Lincoln'. Kennedy is a beautiful white and Mr. Lincoln a deep, rich red.

Happy planting.

Delusional Knitter said...

I have a peachy yellow one in front of our house. One valentine's day my hubby got me a bouquet of purple ones, but I haven't seen any plants in that color yet.

RobinH said...

I would have a terrible time choosing- I adore fancy multicolor roses. Though I do have a soft spot for pink ones...when I was growing up, we had a trellis of red roses, and a single struggling pink one- but when it bloomed, it was lovely. If you make it to New England in the summer, you should put Fuller Gardens on your sightseeing list: http://www.fullergardens.org/

Nancy Kay said...

Nice shovel!! LOL. I have often laughed at myself when I was prompted to buy a shovel, chainsaw, or lawnmover...let's say, instead of yarn or a new pair of shoes.

Your garden is going to be lovely!

Monika said...

Congrats on your shovel! :o) My favorite color for roses is pink. My dad had a very old rose bush next to the garage. It was huge, at least 2m high, and the loveliest pink roses. I guess he still has it, even though one year it almost didn't make it.

WildflowerWool said...

Happy gardening. That's what I'm planning on doing this weekend too. I saw your skein of yarn on the Yarn Harlot's blog today as one of the prizes. Very nice colours!

pendie said...

I think Tux would look smashing next to a pink rose!

Araignee said...

I love those pale pink roses with the dark shiny leaves. I don't have any luck with them though because of all the shade.
I can't wait to see your blooms!

kathy b said...

Happy Shovel!!! I love roses and have all red roses. BUt the funny thing is I LOVE yellow roses….
your white will be lovely.