Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Look! Knitting!

It's not all gardens and flowers here at Chez Wandering Cat, though it does feel all consuming here at the moment.

But there has been knitting.
I'm halfway through the lace section on Sauble Sunset. I love how the House Cat is knitting up, with just touches of varying purple shades.

And the second Garden Gate sock has been started
I've only worked on it over my lunch hours, where I only average about 10 rounds per lunch, so progress is slow.

Over in the shop, Mom listed the yarns I dyed up a week or so ago.
I love the mosaics she puts together with our inspiration. Above is the Solo Cat (Pebble Beach has already sold out.... I should have kept that one!)

And then there's the Alley Cat. 
I should have kept a couple of those too....


Lily Razz said...

Your yarns look amazing, what lovely mosaics your mom makes!

Love the color you've chosen on Sauble Sunset, I think it'll look just marvelous when it's finished!

WildflowerWool said...

Great colours for the new yarns!

Nancy Kay said...

Yea! The knitting is coming along beautifully! Love the dyed yarns and the inspirational pictures that accompany them; that's really cool.

elns said...

You inspired me. I knit a few rounds on my lunch. It's air conditioned in the break-room. We've been in the middle of another heat wave that there is no knitting at home, even in the evening. I love the inspiration collages as well. I'm a huge fan of your Top Cat! The shop colors are beautiful.

Araignee said...

Those colors are amazing. I wish I could knit faster!

kathy b said...

all so lovely!!! even a tiny bit of knitting a day helps me