Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I know you're probably expecting to see some progress on Hitofude.

I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. You see, after posting about it, I got a little side-tracked. I made the mistake of not putting the yarn for Old Town away... and it sat there... taunting me...

So I cast on.
Yes - this strange piece of knitting is a cardigan. It is a very unique construction, starting with the right, upper side. While the elements of the pattern are simple, I wouldn't recommend this for new knitter attempting their first cardigan.

This image will give you a slightly better understanding
I'm just about to the point where I'm going to put all this on a holder, pickup stitches from the cast on, and begin the left side.

A note about the yarn.
It's Elsebeth Lavold's Cotton Patine. And while Ravelry lists it as a worsted, and even the ball band calls for a 4.5mm needle... it's so not a Worsted. Definitely a DK. Even on the 3.5mm needle I'm using for the cardigan, there's room to go down a size or two.

Now, astute readers will say, "But Valerie, you hate knitting with cotton." And normally, you'd be right. Cotton is one of my least favourite yarns to knit with (though I don't might wearing it.) It came from Mom's stash, and I just love the colour. (I have three other sweater amounts stashed in different brands of cotton for the same reason - the price was right - free or cheap - and I just couldn't pass on the colour).

But this cotton is surprisingly quite nice. I do have to be careful about not splitting it, but I've worked with far splittier yarns. And unlike most cottons I've worked with, it does have a nice bit of bounce. I'm actually quite enjoying it this time.

But for all you Hitofude lovers out there.. have no fear. She'll get some attention soon too. She's going to be my weekend knitting, while Old Town will be reserved for the week nights, since she's much easier to pick up and put down.


Araignee said...

I had to go put this in my queue. I love it!

elns said...

I love your distractions. hehe.

kathy b said...

WOW that is cool construction. Im so not spatial...thank you for the detailed explanation ...i'd never have guessed that was the way it was knitted

RobinH said...

It looks beautiful! And I know what you mean about cotton...I did a sweater a few years back in Berroco Love It and it was so springy and lofty compared to tightly spun cottons with no stretch.