Monday, October 13, 2014

The great knit-cation: Day 3

Today was Thanksgiving in Canada, so we headed up to Mom and Dad's for a delicious turkey dinner, and good company.
Which of course included Ladydog.

There was knitting today, but not a tonne
I added a few rows to Miss P's socks. Work got so busy last week that I wasn't taking lunches, so they've been terribly neglected.

And they couldn't hold my attention for long, because there was a skein of Alley Cat sitting on my table that I've been dying to crack into:
This is the Cranberry Bonnet, which I've knit before. It's one of the few knits on my Christmas list, so I feel  no guilt whatsoever about casting it on.

I do feel a little guilty about this though. Mom gave me her latest spin...
Polwarth/Silk.... and I just had to cast it on as soon as I got home...
Another Cranberry Bonnet, though I likely won't bead this one.

Tomorrow.... tomorrow I'll be better behaved. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Both Cranberry Bonnets are going to be awesome. The colors are gorgeous!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I hope Ladydog got a little bit of turkey.

Araignee said...

Mom's handspun is exquisite!

RobinH said...

Oh! Oh, wow! They're both pretty, but I love the colors and gradient in your mom's yarn. Lovely!