Sunday, October 19, 2014

The great knit-cation: Day 9

As all things do, the great knit-cation is coming to an end. I spent the morning finishing up the Christmas Cranberry Bonnet.
I ended up going with a slightly darker bead (number 1, for those who remember.) It still doesn't have quite the pop I wanted, but it works. It doesn't show well in the picture, but looks quite lovely in person
A nice bit of sparkle to an already pretty little hat. This one is modded as well, details are on my Rav page. Now there are only four Christmas presents left to knit!

The rest of the day was spent cleaning in the bedroom. The closets and dressers were long overdue for an overhaul. Rocky came up to supervise.
He knows that when I start searching under the furniture, favourite old toys are going to emerge
It took all afternoon, but I've now got three garbage bags full of clothes for donation, and much more room in the dressers and closet!
Clearly, supervision is hard work.

Oh, and after two days of mulling over it, I decided that the bleached hair was just a little too stark. My eyes are too dark and my complexion is too pink. So I popped out the store and picked up a box of Golden Blonde.
It softened the colour up nicely - I like it MUCH better!

And now tomorrow is back to work. But there's still a few hours of knit-cation left to enjoy. So as soon as I'm done my dishes, to the couch I go to give Hitofude some love!


Anonymous said...

I love that hat. The beads are perfect.

Araignee said...

Love the hat and the pretty new hair color!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

LOL, you overdyed your hair too! I guess once a dyer always a dyer :)

Of course, I should talk... seems my hair finished the weekend a different colour than it started it too. I thought mine was too stark too, but Gavin didn't even notice. I had to TELL him.

Cute hat. Only four Christmas knits left?! I've barely started me. I guess everyone on my list is getting Chapters gift cards this year :)

kathy b said...

OH OH OH that is my favorite hat of the year 2014!!!!!! Gorgeous. Your hair is so pretty!!

Love all things Kitty too

elns said...

Well, where the heck have I been? You know how much I loved that last hat/bonnet you did, but this is just too cute on you. Your bead work makes my hands sweat, but that's b/c it just seems so overwhelming for my skill. The hat again, on you esp, is fantastic.

Huge fan of your hair color! Very nice.

Nancy Kay said...

LOVE that hat! The beads make it! It's really cute on you too!!