Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The squirrel has found his nuts

Remember how I brought some black walnuts home and how the squirrels didn't have much interest in them?
Well, I put the remaining walnuts in an old cat litter bucket and put them up on the stand I had out back - they were starting to mold in the plastic bag I'd brought them home in.

I didn't think much of it until I noticed the bucket was looking a little low. And sure enough, I looked out the door this morning before work and there was Mr. Black Squirrel nibbling daintily away on one. He was gone before I got back with the camera, but it looks like he had fun while I was at work...
I put them all back in the bucket but left it on the ground for him. Looks like I'll have to steal some more from Dad.

In knitting news... after hitting post last night, Dave walked in the door. So I made up some fresh garlic bread to go with his lasagna, and before I knew it, it was bedtime. Not a stitch knit.

I made up for it at lunch today
The second Pip Squeak is started. I love the fraternal yarn!

And tonight when I got home, I started on the Spiderman hat. just a few rows knit, but I'm about to get back to it.
That's if someone will share the couch...


Anonymous said...

Pip Squeak is adorable, but not nearly as cute as Tux. I love when they snuggle up their noses. TOO CUTE!

Rachelle said...

Loving those socks; hope you get more time to knit today.

kathy b said...

aww pip Squeak!!!

Love your fraternal socks. I never need them to match

elns said...

Aww I couldn't move him. Too cute, let him keep the couch! The socks look really good. I hope you get some more time to knit.

I have this cartoon instigator character in my mind when you describe the squirrel.

Araignee said...

Bad squirrel! We had a squirrel chew a hole in the top of our trashcan once.
Love the sock and it's mate.

Nancy Kay said...

Cute title! LOL. The socks are looking goooooood!