Saturday, September 26, 2015

Garden Fails

Every time I do a garden post, I get a whole bunch of lovely comments on what a green thumb I have... well I feel it only right to share.. it's not all sunshine and roses over here...

The Lilies, Liatris, and Summer Snowflake I planted never made an appearance. It's possible the squirrels stole ALL the bulbs... but....

Many of the perrenials I planted last year didn't make it through winter... my English Daisies, Violas, Coreopsis.... all toast.

As you know, the White Lightning Rose bit the dust, and I'm not sure Navy Lady is going to survive either
I gave her a coffee ground infusion, but to no avail. I think she might just be planted too close to the tree roots, and just can't compete. We'll see if she makes it through the winter. I bought her on a whim on clearance, so I won't be too upset if she doesn't.

Also out front...
The tree garden looks like a desolate wasteland. Everything does okay in early summer.  But once the tree fills out, the rain just can't get through. Couple that with the hot, hot days of high summer, and the fact that the garden doesn't hold water well in the first place (and I can't water it every day, even if I wanted to)... by the end of the season, it's looking pretty rough.

I've got a plan though. In early spring, any of the perrenials that made it through winter (The Dianthans, the Red Clover, and hopefully the Campanula and Shamrock) will be moved to other gardens. The tree garden is going to become a succulent garden. I've already started with several Hens and Chicks,  as well as some of the mixed Sedum that was leftover from the Faerie gardens
It will do well in the drier conditions, and I can add a bit of colour every year with some Portulaca
They will blend in quite nicely I think.

Other gardening fails include the poor lettuce bowl
Despite my best efforts, this one just never took off. The leaves never got bigger than my thumb. I'll try again next year.

The poor Poinsettia just finally gave up. Last time I showed it to you, it was doing so well. But then we had several days of rain... I wasn't thinking and didn't realize that the ceramic pot it was in didn't have any drainage. The poor thing was just sitting in water for over a week. When I realized, I took it out of the ceramic pot and hoped I could nurse it back. It looked like it might survive, but over the last week it's become apparent that it's just not going to happen.

I'll have to try again this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

If the stems are not soggy, cut the pointsettia all the way back. You probably won't get blooms this year, but it should send out new shoots off the healthy stem.

Really .....your garden DOES very well. You get beautiful flowers.

Araignee said...

The base of your tree is what my entire yard looks like. Everything is so pretty and then the shade takes over. Now with the leaves starting to fall, the sun is coming back-as soon as the cold nights kill everything. Gardening is not for sissies!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

My planter boxes are always a fail by mid-August - the heat is too much for them and I can't possibly water them enough to keep them from drying out!

We don't bother with Poinsettias here = when Gavin was in the armed forces in South Africa they used to be sent out to hack down out of control 6-8 foot poinsettias. They'd hack 'em off to the ground, then douse them with kerosene to set them alight. They were hard to kill over there.

Nancy Kay said...

Love the flowers that are still blooming in your gardens!

kathy b said...

I think my comment failed. Overall 6 of 9 roses performed well and are still going strong.
Need to yank the hosta out of the garden next spring.
Biggest success: Cosmos by seed 1.29 for a package. They just keep on going