Monday, September 7, 2015


The other big Christmas present I've got on my list is the Sandpoint Pullover. 
Unfortunately, I didn't have any suitable yarn in my stash. Mom had something that would work, but it wasn't superwash, and knowing the recipient, it really needs to be washable.

So, I hopped on to see what they had. I found some Regia 6 Ply Tweed at a reasonable price. I did the math with the yardage, and ordered enough yarn (plus one) and sat back to wait.

It arrived Friday. And as soon as I opened the package, I knew there was something wrong. The colour was lovely, the number of balls was right.... but I could tell just by looking at it that there wasn't enough yarn for an adult man's sweater.

I pulled a ball out of the bag, and immediately knew why.

You see, the website...

Lists the yardage at 200m... but in reality....
It's 125m a ball. And had I known that, I wouldn't have bought it, as the extra 5 balls needed put the project outside my budget.

I've always had a good experience with, so I contacted them to see what they would do.  They asked me to return it for refund, and offered 15% off my next order, though I'm not sure there will be one.... and the site (as of the writing of this) was still showing the wrong yardage, despite being several days after our correspondence.  Hopefully they correct it soon.

And I'm back to hunting for a reasonably priced, washable yarn that will arrive in enough time for me to knit it!


Deb said...

Sorry they had the yardage wrong. Regia puts up their 50g skeins 6 ply at 137 yds. The reason I know is because I knit most of my son's socks out of six ply (big feet).

At least they offered a discount. It's a shame they didn't correct it yet, though.

Good luck!

kathy b said...

I like Berocco COmfort DK

Araignee said...

Oh, no....nothing worse than being all set to start a project and the yarn's all wrong.

elns said...

Ugh. How disappointing! Hopefully you'll get it all sorted and get the yarn you want for your project!

lexa said...

Well that sucks. Hopefully they change it on their site.