Thursday, September 3, 2015


So a funny thing happened on Tuesday.

The fabulous Dee posted pics of her finished Undines (yes - she finished them already - what a show off!) and suddenly, I saw a whole lot of activity on Ravelry. You may not know, but Ravelry designers get a lot of insight through Ravelry - everytime you link to, favourite, queue, or post a picture of one of our designs, we see it.

And suddenly there was a whole lot of favourite and queuing of Undine... and downloading....
Well, it went through the roof! (Even Wednesday was much busier than normal). I can only hope that this means we will have a whole lot of people joining the KAL!

If you haven't already, don't forget to tag your project in Ravelry with UndineKAL (Rav will turn it all lower case - don't worry, it still works)
 This lets me see at a glance, all the Undine projects going on. I'm using this to keep track of entrants (so I know how many prizes to award) and this will also help me know who's entered when it comes to draw time!

The KAL is on until October 31, so there's lots of time to play along! If you haven't seen them already - full details are here.


elns said...

I just wanted to say, it's a really versatile pattern and looks good in a solid and variegated (a word I will never learn to spell w/o spell-check). Thanks for hosting and giving a timeline that feels manageable! Love seeing the Undines around the interweb -- you all sucked me in and I'm delighted!

kathy b said...

that's great news!!!!

Araignee said...

I just finished my first sock and cast on my second this morning which is a record for me. I usually take forever to finish a sock but this pattern is so addictive and seems to fly along.

Judy S. said...

Fun! Mine are coming along, and I'm hoping there's enough yarn!

Anonymous said...

Surely I'm not the first one finished! LOL