Monday, September 14, 2015

Late season lovliness

We're half way through September, and I always seem to forget just how much still goes on in the gardens
My late season raspberries are just starting to come in
The roses just keep blooming
The darn Nasturtiums STILL haven't bloomed, but they are enjoying the less humid weather - they really, really filled out now.
 And the sweet pea is taking its sweet time about doing anything more exciting than climbing the trellis, but I did plant the seeds pretty late.
And I just love these little curls!


kathy b said...

Nasturtium is a pea so it will thrive in cooler weather. Just wait!~

Araignee said...

Agree with kathy b. Just wait. Daddio's went crazy as soon as it got cool and hung around past the first frost. They were gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful color on that rose.

WildflowerWool said...

My sweet peas haven't bloomed yet either.