Monday, September 21, 2015


Despite saying that I would work on Dad's blanket squares on the weekend, I haven't touch them.

No... instead, every moment I've had to knit has been spent on Sandpoint.
Normally, I'd be bored to tears with a plain stocknit sweater, but for some reason, I'm quite enjoying it at the moment. Life is a little hectic at the moment, so maybe a little simple stocknit is just what's needed.

As you can see, it's knitting up quite quickly I'm already past the 10 inch mark. It's been quite a while since I've done a sweater in pieces (as opposed to seamless) so having half the stitches on the needle makes it feel like it's going quite swiftly. Of course, I still have to knit the front (then the sleeves) so I'm sure it will catch up with me at some point.

But for now I'm just going to enjoy the click, click, click as I watch it grow, grow, grow.


kathy b said...

sometimes you need that sweater in pieces. THe going round and round in seamless is nicein the end but kind of crazy in the beginning. Atta girl

Araignee said...

Agreed....sometimes you just needs a plain knit to cure what ails ya.

WildflowerWool said...

I like knitting sweaters in pieces but the sewing always gets me in the end, it seems to take forever!

elns said...

I think I might prefer sleepy stockinette to sleepy garter. I'm not sure, it may be because 2 stitches are better than one. ha! I won't lie, I find the stockinette soothing.