Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I'm fighting a fearful case of startitis here folks...

I'm blaming it on the weather (it's cold - I'm not complaining - but the cold weather makes me antsy).
I'm blaming on January (I'm always restless in January - probably the cold).
And I'm blaming it on SSS...
Not that SSS, the other SSS... second sleeve syndrome, which to me is worse than second sock syndrome (though looking at my WIP page.... maybe not.. I have a sock pair I started in April... the first one is done... the second one hasn't even been started. APRIL!!!)
But yes, I've started the second sleeve of Mary Mead and it is taking FOREVER!!! Admittedly, that's because I haven't really been working on it much.  I have a horrible time with second sleeves - just no motivation to pick them up, despite the fact I'm so close to finishing.

I'm committed to knitting at least 8 rows a night on this one. That will still see me finish by the end of the month.  And give me time to work on other things....

I cast on for another hat
This, though, is a necessity. Now that the cold weather is here, I noticed Dave has started wearing his hat again. However, he shrank the really nice alpaca hat I made him a few years back, and has resorted to wearing the horrible acrylic one I made not long after I first started knitting (I could have sworn I threw it out... I hate that thing).

So I grabbed a leftover ball of Regia 6-ply from Sandpoint, and cast on. No real pattern - I cast on 128 stitches (the stitch count from the deer hat and knit some ribbing. I'll knit until it's long enough and then start decreasing. Dave is very particular in his hat tastes. It has to be plain. But it has to have a fold over part, and has to be just long enough to cover the tips of his ears (but not all of his ears) and has to be small and light enough to fold up and put in his pocket (so no bulky yarns). I swear he's like Goldilocks sometimes.

And when I'm not working on the hat, or the cardigan, I'm adding a pattern repeat to the Tiger Eye scarf. But even that  isn't satisfying my needs....

I think I need to cast on for a shawl (let's not point out the fact that I have the Maple Leaf Shawl on the needles still). A lace shawl... and intense lace shawl.

Something like
Autumn Adagio Shawl
 Autumn bouquet
Or even Quadratische Decke Shawl

Yes.. I need lace, and silk, and beads.... oooooh.... stay tuned!


Araignee said...

NOT FAIR!!!!! Those lace patterns are making me hate everything I am working on. I want to start my MDSW shawl but I am far from finishing spinning the fiber. I also have a bad case of the cold weather blues and they are calling for a right blizzard this weekend. :(
As for SSS I have been knitting both sleeves at the same time for the last two sweaters and it works. On attached sleeves though, that would be hard.

kathy b said...

I have yet to learn to understand how those gorgeous shawls get knit. Someday?

I have similar hat issues with those xy chromosome folk in my house. THey are soooooo picky.

I forced myself to finish the sweater and I"m blissfully finishing a pair of socks.

You can finish that sleeve!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh girl! You have so many things going all at once. LOL I'd be CONFUSED!!!

elns said...

Hahahah! Wandering Cat ... maybe WanderingNeedles or Wandering pattern eye eh? Hehe. I am teasing you though I understand. I have been knitting a hat that is taking much longer than it should, only because I keep stopping to look at the other patterns I want to knit and buying unnecessary yarn. I like all your plans! And really the way you knit that second sleeve will be done super fast!

Rachelle said...

That first shawl is gorgeous! I also tend to suffer from second sleeve syndrome, though at the moment my first sleeve has stalled due to the KAL I'm doing and the fact that I need to get more work done on a certain shawl as soon as the mitts for the KAL are finished.
I also want to work on my Evenstar shawl, but it's lower down the priority list (if not the want list). Luckily it's too hot atm for yarn that fine, fingering weight is as light as I can go when the weather is muggy.

Chrisknits b said...

Those shawls, gorgeous!!! I have so much lace weight I should use to knit with, but I just do not like the cobweb stuff! Oh well, I always think I can just carry it along with something else, just never found the right thing.