Thursday, January 14, 2016


A little late with this one, but...
When's the LastTime (from KathyB):

1- You saw someone wearing something you knit for them. 
Saturday - Samantha's husband Michael was wearing a hat I knit. Though I frequently see Dave in his handknit socks (it's a toss up on who knit those.. me or Mom)

2- You stayed up late just to knit 
Around Christmas... Dave wasn't here and I couldn't sleep. Though it's not unusual for me to do it if I'm close to finishing.

3- You had cake. 
My birthday! Which was just over a month ago. Note to self... buy cake.

4-You wanted to knit a sweater
All the time. I'm knitting on now and I want to cast on for another...

6-You sat on a hot radiator to warm up
I don't know if I've ever done that. Most of the houses I've been in have been forced air. This house has radiators, but they are the low, baseboard ones... not great for sitting. I'm sure the cats would love it if we had bigger radiators

7-You wrote a letter?
Actual handwritten...? Probably a year or two. Samantha and I used to write all the time, regardless of email capability. We still do occasionally, but both have a bad habit of forgetting to mail them.

8-You stubbed your toe
I do it so often, I can't remember.

9- You got on the scale
Last time I visited Mom... so.. Christmas Eve? We don't have a scale here.

10- You got caught talking to yourself
I don't talk to myself... I talk to the cats... and speaking of which...
 "It's time to put the computer away now, Mom..."


Araignee said...

Mmmmm....cake. Now I want some.

Donna said...

I can't remember the last time I stubbed my toe! Must be over the summer because I do it quite often when I'm barefoot. I think I'll steal your Meme next week ;-)

kathy b said...

Sweaters YOU inspired me to cast one on last week!!

Chrisknits b said...

My dogs don't paw my computer, but they do stick their faces in mine to tell me it's time to play. Love Rocky's foray into the storm!! My dogs love the snow, so it's work to get them to come back in!

Anonymous said...

What I have noticed is that my handwriting isn't nearly as nice as it is when I wrote regularly to Steve's Nana.