Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rocky vs Old Man Winter 2.0

If there's one thing you have to admire Rocky for, it's pure determination...
"Okay... Mom's out here filling up the bird feeder... how bad can it be?"

"Hmmm there's still snow down there.. maybe just one paw."

"Oooooooh darn that's cold.... there's got to be a better spot"

"Oh yes... look... a bare spot!!!"

"Hmmm... looks kinda small. What happened to all the nice bare ground that was out here last week?"

"Darn.. this isn't gonna work... "

"Maybe it will be warmer under this rose bush..."
"Oh yeah.. my favourite rose bush is over there... it's got to be warmer over there...."
"Hmmm... I don't remember this rose bush being so close to the wall before.. it must have moved closer... cause I'm not getting fatter.. I'm not! Just a few more steps... and I can get to my favourite bush..."
 "Okay... nope, nope, nope... too far... too cold... too wet... too far!!!"
"This sucks...."

Don't worry Rocky Boy... spring is only nine weeks away. And besides.. look how cute your little toe prints look in the snow


Araignee said...

Poor Rockie. We got one of the outside kitties to sleep in the house last night. That's how cold it is here. Now we've got a surprise inch of snow which shut the place down and a forecast for 28 inches more tomorrow so I'm with Rockie. I could use a little global warming-NOW, not in the damn summer. Winter means 30 and 40's here not this teens crap.

Bridget said...

Poor Rocky! It's not as easy being an outdoor explorer in winter as it's cracked up to be ... :-)

Nancy Kay said...

Cute story. And I love the paw prints in the snow!

Lorraine said...

SUCH a handsome boy.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Rockie. He looks quite put out by it all.

kathy b said...

Oh boy. Nine weeks. Im going to have to make a plan....
Perhaps the zoo one week
Minnesota trip to see my sister another
indoor swimming another week....

yikes hugs and catnip to Rocky

Rachelle said...

It's been the opposite here, temps around 30 celcius for the last few days, today is a little cooler and the high predicted for Wednesday? 14 celcius. That is of course the day the boys are supposed to be going to a farm to meet the animals, it's also supposed to be hosing down. I suspect they'll end up at the pool instead.
Yesterday both cats were hunting down the coolest spots they could fine, Ray was in the raspberry canes and Star in a tree. Found the neighbour's cat on the driveway looking absolutely miserable. I made sure the girls had fresh water, even though they rarely touch it.

elns said...

I've been away a bit, but I love coming back to the adventures of Rocky. Such a great show :)