Sunday, June 19, 2016

FO: Twinkle Cat Octopus

It took longer than it should have (of course, only knitting a few hours a night will do that), but Nora's Octopus is done.
 This is the fifth time I've knit this pattern, and as always, I'm absolutely thrilled with the final result.
I used Twinkle Cat DK to give this particular octopus a little more pop. Some purple Stray Cat provided a nice contrast for it's underside.
Pipecleaners, folded in half not only make it poseable, but allow you to get that fantastic realistic curl on each tentacle.
Because I love making toys, I keep a stock of safety eyes on hand. The pattern calls for embroidery for the eyes, but I think the safety eyes take the realism up a notch.
I'm afraid my knitting mojo didn't return with the end of the project... but it was fun, with a great result at least.


kathy b said...

That is an amazing knit up !!! WOW

Araignee said...

She's adorable!
I'm not supposed to tell just yet but one of our production songs for this coming year's competitive season will be Octopus's Garden so I am knee deep in octopus costume materials. I need to jazz them all up so they look different from each other and have a psychedelic vibe. It's going to be loads of fun when I really get started.

Anonymous said...

The safety eyes are just PERFECT. Love the twisty tentacles too. Of course, the color just makes the whole thing just too, too adorable!

RobinH said...

It's adorable! I love the curly tentacles.