Sunday, November 5, 2017

November in bloom

Even more so than October, you don't really expect to see much in bloom in November...

The snapdragons always do well in the cooler weather. But around here they seem to love November.
 This lone petunia is hanging on. Though the plant is really spindly.
 The dianthans don't like the smothering heat, but I don't expect to see them this late in the season.
 The allysum in the faerie pots still has a bloom here and there.
My dark purple stonecrop still has a bloom or two, despite having a rough season... you can see it's pretty bug eaten.
 The blanket flower is still big and green, but the remaining blooms are small.. though still cheerful.
 The petals are just starting to fall on the mango coneflower, but you can see she's got a little friend still trying to bloom.
The butterflies are gone, but the butterfly bush still has a bloom or two left. (she's another one that prefers the cooler weather.)
 The Chicago Peace rose isn't giving up yet, though the buds are looking a little weather-worn
 The Lupin is still standing tall and proud - which is surprising, we've had some pretty crazy wind lately.
 This is the last marigold left standing.
And these dollar store anemones have been a great bang for the buck! There's a blue one trying to bloom as well.
The peach Foxglove still has a couple blossoms left. I have to remember to get out and gather some seeds from this one soon, just incase it doesn't come back next year.
The pincushion plant is still going, though the blooms are much lighter than normal..
And yes... we STILL have raspberries. Though admittedly, I've been leaving these ones for the birds. I'm totally raspberried-out for now!

Now given where we are (Canada!!!)... this may seem totally crazy. But I'm in Southern Ontario... at 42 degree N latitude, which is more or less the same at the California/Oregon border. We are also in a geologically special area. That escarpment that Aneesha and I were hiking on the other week, is a 745ft tall cliff that spans the width of the city (and beyond). Less than four miles north of it is the Lake Ontario. The result is a micro-climate, several degrees warmer than much of surrounding area... so our warmth tends to last a little longer.

That said... global warming is definitely making itself known. This year was the warmest October on record. I was wearing my sandals up until a week and a half ago! I'm afraid November blooms are going to a regular thing from now on.


Araignee said...

I am amazed to see so much still in bloom. Fall is just starting to take hold here. Like you, we are in a weird place. The Bay keeps us warmer than the surrounding areas. When I went to Daughter's last week it was in full autumn color already.

Cleo said...

Those are all some beautiful blooms! Happy Sunday to you.

Delighted Hands said...

What a beautiful array for sitting in the backyard and soaking up the last of the warm days for you! Beautiful!

kathy b said...

Oh that LUPINE. OH my oh my. I love anenome. I may have to try them next year

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Very pretty blooms. Sounds like you have a very nice climate where you are. It's been warmer than usual here in the Carolinas too. It's always pretty mild here in winter but it's been in the eighties this week with lows in the sixties at night. That's got to be the work of global warming.

Vera said...

Our morning glories just started bloomin last week! Admittedly, Fletch got them started late, but still....

Eastside Cats said...

How nifty that you've got so many flowers still! Like a gift from Mother Nature.

Mickle in NZ said...

Here In Wellington,NZ, we're at 41.29% South. We have a temperate, maritime climate, where it seldom snows (a few days in 2011, before that 1976 but only overnight!). Lovely blooms, how wonderful that so much is still flowering for you.

Rachelle said...

We've been told that this coming summer in NZ is likely to be hotter than usual; not sure if this is a good thing or not coming after one of the wettest winters on record for Christchurch. Hoping the vege garden does well this year though; veges are very expensive at the moment so that's what I'm concentrating on rather than flowers.
Do love the snapdragons; not sure if I can fit any in though.