Sunday, November 16, 2014


You know it's a labour of love when I whip out the crochet hook.
I hate crochet... and it hates me right back. I don't get me wrong - I respect the craft. I love the look of crocheted afghans... but actually executing said craft is a nightmare for me.

But Nora's Cat Hat needed a matching pair of mitts.
And since Nora is only two and a half, those mitts needed a string!

I could have done an i-cord, or gone out and bought some ribbon, but I figured a crocheted chained would be quicker...
If not prettier (that might be the saddest looking crocheted chain ever). But it will be inside her coat. And she's two and a half - it's not like she'll care.


Nancy Kay said...

Oh girl, I hear ya! It's not my thing either, but an occasional chain or an edging is sometimes necessary. Cute mittens!! This little girl is going to love the hat and mitten set!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just "gotta".

I love that yarn color. Against Nora's red hair --- AWESOME!

Rachelle said...

I am good at chains, it's when I add anything to it that things start going south. I normally only do dishcloths and they bear a distinct resemblance to a dinosaur when done on the sides (they're supposed to be square).
I really should practice more I suspect.

Araignee said...

Hahaha...I just wrote a post that's coming up next week about my struggle with a crochet hook. There is still no happy ending but I'm not giving up.
Those mittens are adorable. As often as I keep losing mine, I should put a string on them too.