Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Determination, thy name is Squirrel

"Why, oh why would she do this to me? I thought we were friends??? But no, she goes and chops down all the nice branches and I have to wait for those air-headed birds to toss out the seed!!"
"Well .. it's not very high. Maybe I can scale this little pole - how hard can it be? I'm a squirrel! I run across the side of the house and pop out infront of the upstairs window to freak out the big guy. This is nothing compared to that! I can do it!"
 "Wow... it's more slippery than it looks. I can't get my claws in this thing! But I'm almost there!"
 "So close... don't give up now! I just gotta hang on tightly with my back legs... then I can just reach out..."
 "Yeah! Got it!!!! Bird seed... you shall be mine!"
 "Oh yeah!!! Look at all this! Sunflowers, peanuts...."
 "Nom, nom, nom...."
"Oh look... there's more peanuts around this side...  I'll just scooch over a bit..."
"Sh!t! Well this isn't what I was hoping for...."
 "Screw it... I'll just go dig up some more tulips to snack on..."


kathy b said...

They are little buggers aren't they?

Araignee said...


Anonymous said...

He must have six-pack abs to make that reach. LOL

Rachelle said...

Very cute, but I feel sorry for your bulbs and tubers; they don't stand a chance against that determination!

elns said...

LOL! He's like a backyard ninja! well, until he fell. Awesome capture.

Delusional Knitter said...

LOL! We have a metal baffle on ours ... after they broke 2 plastic ones over the years ... (And we do feed them too BTW they have a dish - so they DO NOT need to empty the feeders)