Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Into hibernation

The weekend brought the snow
My poor little bee garden, all covered in snow
It's not uncommon for it to snow this time of year (it's November in Canada after all) but for where we are in Southern Ontario, it doesn't usually stick. It's mostly just flurries.

This one started Sunday morning and continued on for several days. Not a huge accumulation, but enough to upset a couple of kitties who don't like cold paws.
"Awww... nuts!"
For Tux it's not too bad. He's content to sleep away the winter. Someone else though...
It's a giant ball of pent up energy. He yodels and screams to be let out. When I finally give in, he's back inside within two minutes and yelling again.

Fortunately, we've got a nice long front hall
And a stash of bouncy balls
The hall is long and narrow, so one good throw and it's bouncing left and right and eventually makes it back to the thrower (since cats aren't generally great at fetch).
As you can see, Rocky is a wee bit on the "rotund" side, so a few good throws and he's usually ready for a nap. And I'm more than ready for the peace and quiet.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing sadder (or louder) than a cat on the wrong side of the door.

Apparently BOTH sides are the wrong side.

kathy b said...

Sounds like our porch situation. Pie shivers on the porch she is so skinny. But she screams to me to let her out. Fireman says when I am not home she doesnt even ask....
I have to buy her some new toys! Its a long winter

elns said...

Oh Rocky. I love the story of his winter conundrum. Also he's got the best cat shape. So squishable, he's like a cartoon character or something. I mean that in a nice way. Your cats are beautiful.

Araignee said...

My kitties are making me crazy. It's been so cold here that they do the same thing. They scream to go out and immediately scream to come back in. Then they scream for food. Then they fight with each other. All I do is answer to kitties. It's going to be a long winter.

Chrisknits said...

We have a wide hallway from our family room to our front door, kind of more an open floor plan. The dogs run for the ball as it hits the door and bounces back and their paws just slip and slide as they try to track the ball. I made dryer balls for my laundry but they keep stealing them! So we usually have land mines all over the floor to avoid. Aren't animals just the best fun!!

Nancy Kay said...

Ha. Bouncy balls to the rescue!

Delusional Knitter said...

Hahahaha - Rocky is such a cutie.