Sunday, November 30, 2014


For as long as I've known Dave, he's raved about the sausage rolls his grandmother use to make. Every time I'd buy a box of store-bought frozen ones, he'd go on and on about how his grandma use to make her own puff pastry from scratch.

I had my doubts about this... I grew up with people who loved to make baked goods... not one of them made puff pastry, because it was just too time consuming. I tried to tell Dave this, but he insisted that she did.

Then one day, I'd whipped up some Pillsbury flaky rolls. And sure enough, Dave declared it tasted just like his grandmother's puff pastry. My suspicions almost confirmed, I decided to grow straight to the source.

The secret was out... Grandma's puff pastry wasn't by Pillsbury, but it was from the freezer aisle. I grabbed a box last grocery day. And Dave had had a rough week this week, so it was the perfect time to make him a treat
Now you may not know, traditional Scottish sausage rolls are made with ground beef. (I was surprised too!). And with pre-made puff pastry, they were quick to make up. I used this recipe.

It's basically just a meatball mix wrapped in pastry - perfect for entertaining. Dave ate several when he walked in the door. The rest have gone to Grandma's for her approval.

I had a fair bit of meat mixture left after all the pastry was used up...
So now I've got some meatballs ready for mid-week spaghetti! I think I'm getting the hang of this cooking thing!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Dave was surprised that his grandma used convenience food. My Mom was all about convenience. LOL

I can't stand most of it now, but premade puff pastry is pretty darn good.

Araignee said...

Darn. I went to bed hungry and now I have to get up and get a snack. Those look DELISH!

RobinH said...

Ah, yeah.. puff pastry from scratch is crazy talk. I use the storebought fillo dough for baklava, too.

But ...very impressed that your meatballs are ball-like! Mine always disintegrate. I'll have to give your recipe a shot sometime.

kathy b said...

I burnt the bottom of my meatballs last week.. Such a bummer. The other parts of them were good though...I don't have it just RIGHT.
I never bake well.....Im too much in a hurry all the time to eat the cookies

Monika said...

They look delicious! I learned how to cook and bake for several years in school. We had to do puff pastry as well. I know how to do it, but wouldn't make my own now, if I needed it.

Nancy Kay said...

Ha. Good story!! Yes, they look delicious!

Rachelle said...

They look yummy, and I don't think having homemade pastry would make any difference on that front.

elns said...

Crap, I love all kinds of sausage rolls. I'm all over this. I might have to do pork sausage maybe some sage? hmm. I love how cute they are. You're right perfect for entertaining! Yum!