Saturday, November 15, 2014

FO: Boot socks

Well this is definitely the fastest pair of socks I've ever knit
While they took two weeks to finish, if you total up the actual hours worked, it's really only about 15. No real pattern here - I cast on 48 stitches and knit them on 4 mm needles. The result is a nice thick sock! So thick! I can't even imagine wearing these. But they will be warm.
The yarn is Big Fabel, a worsted version of Drops' regular fingering Fabel. It's very sheepy, but should be nice and strong. I used a solid grey for heels and toes and a matching print yarn for the main part of the sock.

These will be tucked away for Dad's birthday next month, and sadly, he's all done his hunting for the year (no moose or deer this year :(  )... but I'm sure they will still get some use...
Winter is coming!


Araignee said...

Woo hoo!
They look amazing. I am sure they will come to good use if it is as cold there as is it here.
Brrrr.....I want my fall back. :(

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that you'll still have plenty of sock wearing days even if it's not out on the hunt.

The socks turned out very nicely. They are a perfect "man" color combo.

Mary Lou said...

I find that people love receiving bulkier socks as gifts, for some reason. (MN winters?) I wish there were more DK self stripers out there.

elns said...

The boot socks are lovely! Winter is definitely coming, I'm sure they'll keep your Dad toasty :)