Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The littlest hobo

A little while back, I was watering the gardens when I noticed a crazy spider's web behind Queen E.
It wasn't your typical web, but sheets, over sheets of webbing.. more like thick cobwebs. And when you looked closely at the back by the fence
A little tunnel. And if you look really close... can you see those creepy spider's legs?

I've been watching it for weeks, trying to get shot of the spider. I'm pretty sure it's a Hobo Spider.. a nifty creature that creates funnel webs to hide in.
Last week, I was finally able to lure her out of her hole but tossing some grass into her web.
They aren't the greatest pics, because she's very shy. Realizing there was no food, she scurried right back in.
So far, I've managed to keep the cats from gallivanting through and wrecking her home. But she's on her own when it comes to the birds. Probably why she's so darn shy.


elns said...

Okay it's cool. Okay it kinda creeps me out. I was having some Lord of The Rings Shelob feelings. Thanks for sharing though, it's not something I get to see everyday!

kathy b said...

wow. Creepy cool!

Araignee said...

That is a crazy spider. I thought the monsters we have here are weird but I've never seen a spider in a tunnel-yet.

Rachelle said...

We had something like that on the backside of the shed door, except it was full of babies as well as mum; so cool!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Amazing little thing!!

Nancy Kay said...

Amazing web builders...but creepy.