Friday, March 20, 2015

Think spring

This is my driveway. Notice something missing?
Yep... Stella is in the shop... AGAIN. She started acting up on the way home from work last night. Of course, she chooses the day when I forget my cell phone and Dave is almost 2 hours away at the cottage... she's dramatic like that.

Fortunately - she also chose to do it five minutes from Dave's grandma's house, and I was able to limp her there with my four-ways on while she made all manner of scary noises. And extra-fortunately, Dave's uncle was home. He took a look and determined it was likely just a loose spark plug. He didn't have the tools to fix it, so he followed me as I limped it to the family's mechanic around the corner. The mechanic was gone for the day, so we dropped it off and he drove me the rest of the way home, promising to take care of it in the morning for me.

And he did. The plug has been tightened, and she seems to be running normal again. She's back at Dave's grandma's, and I can go pick her up this weekend when Dave returns from the cottage. So, I'm car-less for a few days - and just keeping my fingers crossed that when I pick her up, she'll behave herself for a while.

Since I'm working from home today, I decide to take the boys out on lunch to enjoy some sunshine. It's hard to worry in the sunshine. And look...
 The tree out front is budding.
The bulbs in the front garden are sprouting.
Out back, the strawberries are greening up.
And there's even a little bit of Columbine sprouting in the bee garden.
While Tux soaked up the sun and Rocky explored, I swept the bunny poo off the patio and onto the grass where it's less noticeable and can fertilize the lawn.
There's still a wee patch of snow here and there, but the ground is beginning to thaw and get squishy. At least I can get to the feeder again - even if I'll need rubber boots soon to do so!


Anonymous said...

Oh that Stella ......such a misbehaving girl!

The kitties look happy to be back outside.

That patch of snow wouldn't stand a CHANCE down here. It is amazing how hot it is for the beginning of March.

Donna said...

Well,at least it's only a spark plug. Easy fix! Enjoy your weekend.

Araignee said...

Oh, no. Poor Stella. How scary for you. I left my lights on last week and got stranded with a dead battery at night. It was awful.
Happy to see spring is heading North. We had snow today. Boo....

Rachelle said...

Cars are just money suckers, mine's been at the mechanic too and needs new tyres. Need to remember a new one would cost even more!

Over here we're getting ready for winter, the temperature this week nosedived, back higher today but due for more rain tomorrow. Have started putting the garden in order

kathy b said...

I hope you have cute rubber boots. I have none...hmmmmmn now you have me thinking....about shopping for a pair

RobinH said...

Bu-bu-buh...that's *green*. Is that allowed? Or maybe I'm just envious because I still have two feet of snow on my flowerbeds.