Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nosy Tuesday

No exciting updates today, so I give you questions from KathyB...

#1 Have you copied a good idea lately?

Not that I can think of – but I’m always on the look out for inspiration

#2 Have you seen a shooting star?

Lots. Where I grew up there was little light pollution, so you could see the Milky Way. And my brother and I would always watch for the Perseid Meteor Shower

#3 Have you found a lost yarn tag?

No - but I lose them a lot!

#4 Have you tried a new recipe recently?

I made banana bread last week and I couldn’t find my regular recipe. I grabbed the first one I found on the internet. It was a little sweeter than mine, but very good.

#5 Did you save the wishbone from the turkey and have a pull?

We haven’t in a long time,  but we used to. We always use to pull it with Dad and my brother and I would fight over who’s turn it was – thankfully there were generally three turkeys a year – Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

#6 How many knit gifts do you plan to give before the New year?

None! I’m not doing any Christmas knitting this year and it feels WONDERFUL!

#7 When are you most hungry?

Generally around lunch time. I tend not to eat breakfast so by lunch I want FOOD!

#8 Do you like highway driving?

I love it (when it’s not ridiculously congested, that is). I love driving in general and I’m really going to miss not getting behind the wheel.

#9 If someone could finish a knit in progress for you what would it be?

My lace tunic – I just have no drive to work on it. Partly because I suspect it’s going to look terrible on me when finished.

#10 Do you love your winter boots or shoes ?

I like ALL footwear. As evidenced by my 80-some-odd pair collection…..


Araignee said...

That lace is so beautiful but I know what you mean. What I like to knit and what looks good one are two different thing evidenced by my huge pile of never to wear knits.

Delighted Hands said...

The lace is gorgeous! I know what you mean, though; my vest is already languishing-that yarn is cursed!

kathy b said...

The lace IS GORGEOUS but If its not calling to you, let it rest. Your wishbone memories are so cute. Thanks for playing

Dee said...

That lace is BEAUTIFUL! Wow! I hope you love it when it is done. It looks like it will be fabulous.

elns said...

Always great answers for Kathy's Q&A :) I get that can't knit it, because I'm not sold it's gonna wear right feeling. I get it.