Thursday, November 24, 2016

Stella - 2005-2016

The mechanic delivered the bad news yesterday morning. It wasn't just the starter gone on dear old Stella. The timing belt was broken too... and because she's such a special girl, and has such a special engine... that means other parts (valves and heads and some such...) are probably broken too.

The mechanic estimated at least $3,000 to fix her, and it could easily climb much higher. With more than 270,000 on the odometre, and already in need of exhaust work, suspension work.... and who knows what else just waiting to snap, bend, bust and otherwise let go... it would be foolish to put the money in, even if I did have  it.

So today, she'll be towed home, and Dave and I will decide on the best way to send her off to the great junkyard in the sky (part her out vs scrapping her all together)

I sat there yesterday morning and had a good cry about the whole thing. It's foolish to get attached to a car... but there it is. I love her.

I bought her just after I started working at my current job. It was a long commute, and my trusty Focus Wagon was getting tired. I needed something more reliable... and if I was going to be on the road that long... I wanted something fun.
She was the first car I bought all on my own with no help from the menfolk. They cursed me for that. She was a bitch to work on, every part on her was "special" and Dave thought she looked like a shoe. but she was mine. All mine.
She was small (I prefer smaller cars), but she had a mighty little turbo engine and responded quite nicely when you stepped on it. (I have the speeding tickets to prove it.)

She traveled near and far in all weather and helped me stay in touch with great friends
 She will be very, very much missed.
 Especially on those warm summer days, and starry summer nights.

Sleep well, dear Stella - you've earned your rest.


Samantha said...

:( We had good times with her. She was a nice little gal.

Delighted Hands said...

I'm so sorry; I bond with my cars, too. It's hard to have changes.....

Monika said...

Sorry you have to say goodbye to your Stella.
And OMG- I totally agree, that she looks like a shoe. :o)
Hope you'll find a worthy replacement.

Anonymous said...

You got a good life out of her. (Unfortunately, most people don't. The car had a lot of issues)! I'm glad you had so much fun...she served you well.

But, Dave is right. She does look like a shoe! LOL

Araignee said...

Oh, no.....I totally get it. I love my 2002 Mini and I can't part with her even though I can't afford to fix her. She sits in the driveway and I go out and roll down the windows every now and again so she doesn't mold. I really need to get rid of her but I'm not ready. I buy her a battery every year for Christmas. Cars become a part of the family especially when they are as special as your Stella and my Mini. My sincerest condolences.