Saturday, November 19, 2016

WTF? It is November, right?

Yesterday I stepped outside to fill the bird feeder, and couldn't believe my eyes.... well skin really.... it wasn't cold.

In fact, it was down right warm! I checked the thermometre... 19 C (about 66 F for my American friends). This time last year, we had snow. So far, I haven't seen a flake this year.... and it feels like summer. Did Ontario suddenly shift south, and we just didn't notice?

The signs of frost are evident in the greenery, but with balmy days, there's still quite a bit hanging in there. Blue Girl, the most delicate of my roses is still pushing up buds
Popcorn Drift, which lives directly below Blue Girl, seems to prefer the cooler weather. She's been non-stop blooms since late September
I'm not normally a fan of shrub roses, but I do love my little Popcorn.

Like Popcorn, the Blanket Flower doesn't seem to quit.
Neither do the raspberries. They are smaller, and fewer... but they are still there!
The idea of raspberries in late November still boggles my mind. But there they are!

And speaking of surprising...
The Pincushion flower stopped blooming ages ago. Or so I thought!

And the Snapdragons...
I think they may have more blooms on them now than they did all summer!!!

I'm finally on vacation, so I can finish getting the yard ready for the winter. If it ever comes....


Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to have a flowery surprise when you did not expect them. :-)

Araignee said...

Wow....that's just crazy. It's been really warm this week here too but I'm not complaining because it's the only nice weather we have had since early last spring.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I have a little azalea bush blooming in my front yard. Crazy!

Rachelle said...

Whereas down here we've had days down to 14C which means I can't pack away the winter woollies just yet. We've also hit 23C a few times, makes it hard to plan. Pretty sure this time last year was warmer here in NZ.