Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bits o' knit

My knit mojo is slipping again.

I've stalled out a bit on the new cardigan design. I'm about half way through the lace edge, but I just haven't had the drive to pick it up these last few days.

Despite going into the office twice this week, I'm not even through the heel on the second Exhibition sock.
But I guess some progress is better than none.

Though I've really cut back on planned projects, I've decided I am going to try to enter a few things in the fair. Earlier this week, Mom dropped off some freshly dyed yarn for one of them.
After some tinking (I've already mess up...) this will eventually become the Old Shale Cardigan. For some reason when I saw the pattern, I just knew I had to do it in a dove grey. I'm using our Barn Cat sport, and it's nice and soft, and lovely to knit with. After the fair, this will be baby Wren's Christmas present.

And since these little bits of knitting don't make for a very exciting blog post... here's my handsome boys...


Vera said...

Those cats are on guard duty!! Or at least that's what they think. The dove grey color is beautiful - very soothing.

elns said...

I love that picture of the boys. Adorable. The exhibition sock is coming along well to me. No one is allowed to talk to me about knitting mojo or progress. I am reigning slack champ right now ;) Happy knitting. Pet the cats for me, they are so squishable there.

chrisknits said...

That sweater is too adorable! Your version will be stunning I am sure. And the boys? Way more adorable than any knitting this world has to offer. They remind me of my boys when they are in the same position side by side.

Delighted Hands said...

Knitting ebbs and flows; the new yarn is so pretty! The sock is a nice design even if you are not feeling the love right now! I love the kitties-sweet photo!

Araignee said...

My mojo has got up and gone for the summer too. I am very happy working on a few ancient wips. I am sure I'll get a bad case of startitis as soon as it starts to cool down. I better-or else I've got a lot of yarn with nothing to do.