Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Felines - Special Bee Meadow Farm edition

Dear Readers,

As you know well, we are a little nuts about kitties here.

So it will be no surprise, that many of our friends are a little kitty-crazy too.

One of those people is  the amazing Natalie of Bee Meadow Farms (and her equally amazing husband Gordon).
Natalie and Gordon have been rescuing farm animals for a few years now, but just recently Natalie started fostering and adopting out cats (this is in addition to the many she has already taken in herself).

Over the past few weeks, she's taken in three litters of new born kittens. Sadly, several of the poor babes were born prematurely, and despite Natalie's round-the-clock effort, weren't able to pull through and thrive. You can read more about it here.

But a few of them are really doing well. These guys are only a couple weeks old.

Just look at those fat little baby bellies!!!
And those teeny-tiny toe beans!!!
Gah! I want to smoosh them all!!!

While Natalie has some wonderful community partners, and amazing volunteers, and a handful of regular sponsors, the bulk of the veterinary and other care costs come out of her pocket.

So I thought I'd see what I could raise a little bit to help her out. So for this week only, my Tuxie Love sock pattern...
Will be on sale for just $2. All proceeds will go directly to Natalie for care of her foster kitties.
Already have the Tuxie love pattern - consider using Ravelry's "Send as a Gift option" and treat a friend (or two!)

Or, if you prefer, you can donate directly to Natalie through this link
You can also shop her Red Bubble shop.

To learn more about Natalie and Gordon, and all the wonderful work they do, click here.


Anonymous said...

Oh those sweet babies! That little ginger one!!!!!

Araignee said...

How sweet of you!

chrisknits said...

What great couple. And those babies are so sweet.

Delighted Hands said...

I do well if I don't look! lol Aren't they just the cutest little puff bellies, is right!
Wonderful work; good of you to offer your pattern to fund raise, too!

Tired Teacher said...

A clever way to assist this lovely lady's mission.

Eastside Cats said...

wee babies! Takes a special person, to care for the newborns!

kathy b said...

Reminds me so much of when we were fosters. The loss of any kitten was sad. We almost lost a young young cat mom once. She delivered 6 kittens prematurely. She was so young, maybe 8 months old. She pulled through.
I love to see a mom nursing her kittens all day. I love watching the birth process and helping if necessary! Ahhh kittens, I love thee

Knatolee said...

THank you so much for this.. you are the best! So kind. xoxo