Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not knitting

Today was a day for non-knitting tasks that keep getting neglected for knitting.

All the sewing stuff on the dining room table finally got packed away. However, we still won't be actually eating at the dining room table...
Because it's now been turned into a mini-greenhouse area. I'm going to buy my vegetables and annuals already grown from the garden centre, but the perrenials are so much more expensive.

I'd hung on to the gardening trays from last year, so I thought, why not start some perennials from seed?(It's also a nice way to bring a little life into winter) I've had everything for a couple of weeks, but never got around to planting it.

I picked up some Sunflowers and Black-Eyed Susans which will eventually be planted at the side of the house where there's plenty of sun. I'm not sure where the Lavender will end up - maybe just in a pot on the patio.

The Sunflowers were a variety pack so I have no idea what I'm going to get
It was quite the mix of seeds.

You may also spy some cat grass in there. That's for the boys since there's not much outside at the moment...
Not that it keeps Rocky from eating it.

I'd like to get a few more seed packs, but I can't decide what to get. What are your favourite perrenials?

Cleaning out the dining room also gave me room to bring my easel down and get working on the painting I've been commissioned to do
My editor from the magazines has asked me to turn one of her daughters into a fairy. Years ago I did a couple of her grand-daughter.
Honestly, I'm a little apprehensive about it. I haven't painted anything in years (this painting might have been the last one) and I've barely drawn either.

And that lack of artistic activity also meant that all this wonderful paint...
.is completely dried up! I had intended to start the painting today, but all I could do was the base sketching. I'll have to hit the art supply shop tomorrow. At least it's close to work!


Anonymous said...

The painting is gorgeous! I love the expression on the little girl.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Oh no, that's a lot of paint that's dried up. What a shame! Looks like you've got a good start on the sketch though :)

Rhonda said...

Purple Cone Flowers and Balloon Flowers are my favorite perennials.

Monika said...

You are very talented. The painting is adorable! You should do more of it.
Is that really grass you have in the back yard??? We don't have any here at the moment.
Oh, and I planted sunflowers since I love them, but the bunny kept eating them.

Rachelle said...

You are so good at painting! I've never had any talent in that direction, but no problems admiring it in those who do have it.

Nancy Kay said...

Love the painting...oh my goodness, you should keep producing these special pieces!! What a talented artist you are!!!

It should be rewarding to get some perennials started and watch them grow. I'm even tempted myself to start a couple plants.

kathy b said...

That little faery is so lovely! You are very very talented in many ways.

Perenniel favorites :columbine
and Indian paintbrush

elns said...

Wow! You are so creative and artistic, it blows my mind!