Thursday, March 20, 2014

Signs of spring

I know spring is here - not because of the weather (it's still barely above freezing and threatening to fall by the weekend), or sprouting bulbs (they are still buried under a snowpile) or even the piles of bunny poo that are accumulating in my backyards (if only the possum preferred that to garbage).

No - I know spring is here by the terrible screech I'm greeted with as soon as I walk in the door after work.

The boys (mostly Rocky) want nothing more than to go outside when I get home. There's still a giant snowpile in the backyard, and what isn't covered in snow is mud or dead grass - I just don't see the appeal - but he doesn't care.

It pretty much started with the time change. It's finally light out when I get home, and he seems to have taken it as his cue that it's time to go out and play.

Last night, when this picture was taken, it was about 1 degree Celsius and pouring rain - but that didn't matter to Mr. Screechypants. He yelled at me until I finally shut the curtains and went and sat at the computer. Then he came over and bit my toes...

On the knitting front - there's not much to show you. The sleeve isn't done yet and I'm not happy about that. It should have been on the blocking board two nights ago. But, I'm having some problems with my right wrist, and working more than eight rows in an evening pretty much puts the kibosh on any further activities that require wrist motion for the rest of the night

I've got it wrapped up, and it's helping a bit. I strongly suspect it's caused by the steering in the rental car I have (it needs a serious alignment). Good ol' Stella should be fixed tomorrow though, so if it doesn't clear up by Monday, I'll be up at the doctors invesitaging other options because I HAVE KNITTING TO DO!.

In the meantime, I've picked out some yarn for Delusional Knitter's Sock KAL.

I noticed my favourite white lace socks were getting pretty worn out, so it's time for a new pair. As soon as I can get comfortably back to the knitting, I'll be starting a new sock design with this lovely yarn.

Come join us!


Anonymous said...

Hope your wrist is feeling better soon.

Let me know how that yarn works out for socks. I have some lovely green in my stash.

Nancy Kay said...

You go, Rocky!! LOL.

New lacy socks out of Panda Silk??? Can't wait to see!

Araignee said...

That's too funny about the kitties. The time change worked in my favor with the pup because she was getting up with the sun and now it's coming up later. The cats still think it's funny to knock things over to wake me up at the old breakfast time though.

Chrisknits said...

We have a bell hanging from the back door knob. Our boys, Mini Goldendoodles, ring it when they want to go out. As much as it drives me crazy, I definitely think I would prefer that to screeching. LOL!

Rachelle said...

That's why we have a cat door, they just leave when they want. Downside is that Star also uses it to bring in her latest catch.
I look forward to seeing your new sock design, I've got some of the same yarn in the multi-teal colourway to do something with at some point.

RobinH said...

Ooh, I loved knitting the Panda Silk for Sagittarius. Looking forward to seeing your lacy project.

Delusional Knitter said...

Ack! I hope your wrist is feeling better soon (and hoping it is due to the rental - that's an easy fix for your wrist).

Our cats don't go outside (we live next to 30 acres of woods - and on the other side a few houses down a main road). But when we open up the windows the first few times in Spring, they go NUTS!!!

kathy b said...

Awwww Here kitty kitties! Pie is on the screened porch right now….fascinated with a squirrel just below who is eating bread crumbs I threw out there ...