Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winging it

First let me apologize for the glarey photo - I've got to get a pic of this without the flash, it looks much better.

Tonight's goal was to finish the petals and tackle the wings. Mission accomplished. And I even got some base painting done on the flowers. I'll go back and add detail after I get the body done. That's tomorrow's big job - and honestly, the scariest part.

I have to mix the paint for the skin tone, so it has to be done in one session because trying to match colours after the fact is too hard (just like dyeing yarn).

It's also the moment when I paint the face - the moment of truth for this particular project - as it has to look like an actual real living person.If it were just any old painting I was doing, I wouldn't worry - I could give it any old face. But it's not. While I've been commissioned to paint a picture of a fairy, it's a fairy that looks like someone's daughter... yeah - I'm a little nervous.

But I just keep reminding myself - I've done this before. Here are a few of my favourites
Okay... I look fine... Dave looks a little wonky....but the car turned out really good - which really surprised me - I'm not usually very good with anything other than people and flowers.

I adore this one of a friend, Ally.
It's a more traditional use of watercolour on paper. The one of Dave and I is done on canvass.

And so is this one of Little Miss Pee when she was a lot more little.
Okay... I can totally do this... stay tuned!


Nancy Kay said...

Oh, yes, you can totally do this! I love seeing the other paintings you've completed. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

You CAN DO IT!!! Look at the beautiful start you already have and the wonderful paintings you have finished.

You are amazing!

kathy b said...

im in awe of you

Araignee said...

Wow! Love the detail in the fairy painting. It's going to be beautiful! I don't want to rush you but I can't wait to see it finished.

Delusional Knitter said...

Oh wow! You do really good - and I can paint - by that I mean put paint on canvas and it reasonably resembles the thing I am trying to paint, your stuff blows mine away. You can totally finish that one and its going to be awesome!