Thursday, May 4, 2017

April showers bring.... May showers???

Despite being the first week of May, it's been nothing but never-ending rain around here.
After a week of almost solid (sometimes REALLY heavy) rain, we got a days' respite yesterday (sunny and 14C). But now it's back to cold and damp and it's suppose to continue until the end of the weekend.

The ground is saturated, Lake Ontario is at the highest it's been in 25 years, they've closed lake-front recreational trails, and the creeks are all ready to burst their banks.

And my poor gardens... just a few days of sun and they will explode with blooms... but for now we have to wait.
My new Black Lilies have all taken very well. But this one is far and away the best. I expect to see it bloom by mid May (if we can get some sun, that is!)
Thank you all for you lovely compliments on my Bleeding Heart. It's about to get even more spectacular... it's covered in buds, just waiting to burst forth.
As is the Lilac. I'm really looking forward to this. Last year, it reached full bloom around May 23rd, and only had one bloom spike. This year has been much warmer (despite the rain) and it's got more than 20 bloom spikes.... it's going to be amazing!

The Pasque Flower is finally starting to bloom. There's only one so far (but I think I see more buds coming). It's much smaller (about the size of a crocus) and darker than I expected, but it's a nice bit of spring colour. I love the contrast with of that bright yellow centre.
Almost all my Alium have buds, but again, with the lack of sun, they are struggling. This particular type of Alium is quite small (8-12 inches tall) and should be a mix of pink, white and yellow.
The Lily-of-the-Valley seem to be on pace with last year. They've just put up their flower buds. By next week, all the leaves should be unfurled. And a week or two after that... the side garden is going to smell amazing!
The only thing that's really thriving is the Red Columbine. I think it might be a Dwarf version, because it's much smaller than the ones I started from seed. (It's being over shadowed by the lilies there). But boy can it bloom!!! As you can see, it's absolutely covered.

So soon... oh so soon, the garden will unfurl it's magic... but for now we wait...


Anonymous said...

And, we are at the opposite end of the rain spectrum. It is dryer than it has been in the 32 years I've lived in Florida.

Even the SAND is giving up and blowing away.

Araignee said...

We had nothing but rain for the past few weeks and a bit of coastal flooding. We've had a couple of nice days this week. I hope it holds. The MDSW is Saturday!

kathy b said...

We are beginning, just beginning to dry out after many days of rain too. THe lupine winter sow survived the transplant. I cant wait for my LILACs to bloom. We are seeing all new things here at the new property! Going tolook for bluebirds b/c Fireman spotted one on a walk yesterday.

Delighted Hands said...

It's hard to go back to the rain after sunshine and pleasant! My Mom says their crab apple tree has the most blooms ever and they have lived there 47 years! (they live south of you - on the other Lake Ontario shore!) And they are still burning their wood furnace! Yikes, cuz I write this poolside at 90F!

bittenbyknittin said...

Lots of rain here in Indiana, too. And wind. It's hard to get into the gardening frame of mind when everything is so soggy.