Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Let's get this party started!

It's begun!
Garden season is officially on! Sunday morning, while everyone was at church, or having brunch with their Mom, I headed to the grocery store while it was quiet, to pick up a few things we needed. And of course, their garden centre is open, so I had to nip in for a look.

That little pile is all I could fit in my granny cart on top of my groceries (still no car, so I'm walking), but thanks to the grocery store's loyalty program - it was all FREE!!! (and I still have $60 in loyalty points saved up for a second trip.

This trips haul contains....
Yes... I'm trying this one ... again. I love poppies, and this one is so pretty. I'm determined to get it to grow. Third time is a charm, right???
The Echinecea I started from seed has done so well, I thought another colour would be nice. It tends to bring in the big butterflies, so as far as I'm concerned, you can never have enough.
Sage is another butterfly magnet. Mine didn't come back from last year, but I moved it, so we'll give it another shot.
The Blanket Flower didn't come back either, but it was such a prolific bloomer, I just had to get another one.
Or maybe two....
And I'm determined to have Foxglove, no matter what! I tried to get this pretty peach specimen last year, but when I went back it was all gone. I wasn't taking the chance this year.
I had to get this one too - just because of the name. Big Rock Candy Mountain was one of my late Grandfather's favourite songs.
A couple of my finds were already in bloom. I absolutely love violas, but I've had no luck with them. But I've only tried them in the tree garden - so  I grabbed this pretty one and we'll see how it does in the backyard.
This pretty little thing is Armeria. I've had Ameria before (a white and a red one), but it didn't like being moved and didn't come back. This pink version is smaller and more compact. And so, so pretty!
I'm going to be expanding the front garden. It doesn't get as much sun, so I got this pretty red day lily, which will have no problem blooming in the shade.
My pink bleeding heart is so pretty (OMG - you should see it now - it's taken over!), I got a white one too (also for the front garden).
I had no luck with the yellow pear tomatoes last year, so I've gone back to my standard - cherry tomatoes (this version is Tiny Tim).

All under the watchful eye of Snoopervisor von Scrufflebutt...
Of course, he won't actually step foot outside... but that okay... it looks like I've got another garden friend... but more on that tomorrow.


Araignee said...

That's quite a haul!! I was at the garden center myself yesterday but only brought back a few begonias.

kathy b said...

Wow. I love you LOVE of all things growing. I can' t wait to watch your gardens grow. My Lupine has absolutely taken OFF outside. It didnt mind the transplant. Now I wish I had planted a lot more!

Vera said...

Great choices! And what a fun loyalty program at your store (mine is cents off each gallon of gas). I can't wait to see pictures of everything in bloom!!

Delighted Hands said...

I am so ready to start a new flower garden! I have the place set up and an unusual find to contain the area-I just need to get out and get the plants! (No seeds for me-I'm too impatient!)

Anonymous said...

It's a RUUUUUU-kitty loaf!