Thursday, May 25, 2017

The big picture

A few people have asked for a full view of the gardens... I'm always showing snippets, but it's hard to get a sense of how it all goes together. That's because it's not the easiest thing go photograph. The back yard is small (I estimate about 25' x 25'), and I've got a lot packed in there. But I did my best...
We've got a nice little patio for relaxing and bbqing, and every square inch of wall/fence possible has a garden along it.

The left side (Big Bee garden) is Blue Delphinium, White Columbine, Shasta Daisies, Black-Eyed Susans, Echinacea, Bachelor Buttons, Cupid's Dart and Sedum.
The garden in the middle  Little Bee garden) is Bleeding Heart, Sweet William, Blanket Flower, Pasque Flower, Bachelor Buttons, Fox Glove, Pink, White and Mauve Delphiniums, Cone Flower, Violas, Alpine Aster, Wood Poppy, White Creeping Baby's Breath, Black Lily and Chicago Peace and Crimson Glory roses.
The gardens under the window (Butterfly and Butterfly expansion gardens) is a whole mix of Asiatic and Oriental lilies (white, pink, orange and black) Bee Balm, Pincushion plant, Sea Holly, White and Purple Liatris, a mix of Siberian and Bearded Irises, Alium, Cone flower, Blanket Flower, Rudibeckia, poppies, Lupine, Hollyhocks, Columbine, Sage, Lavender, Sunflowers, and Blue Girl and Tournament roses.
The right side is Queen Elizabeth rose, raspberries, blackberries, butterfly bush and Lilac.

The side garden is smaller
But it's got a good mix... Sedum, Lily of the Valley, Oriental and Asiatic Lily, Purple Iris, Columbine, Speedwell and peonies. (Hoping the peonies bloom this year)

And out front...
The tree garden is a mix of mostly ground cover sedums, though there's a stone crop and lots of hens and chicks in there.
The front garden, as you know... just expanded, and is a wonderful mix of day lilies, bleeding heart, Jacob's ladder, Sedum and Toad Lilies. (and you can see the location of the side garden down the side of the house there.
There's also a shrub rose (Navy Lady) just to the left, behind the tree on the edge of the walkway.

Wow.. that's an awful lot when you write it all out... and it doesn't include all the potted plants! Apparently I believe in getting a big bang for my buck!


Araignee said...

I'd love to have all those little gardens to putter in. That's what my old house looked like. I had something in every space available including a grape vine and a couple of small fruit trees. The back yard was a raised veggie bed that produced way more than we could eat so I got to can and freeze to my heart's delight. It never occurred to me when we moved here in the winter to notice all the trees on our almost 2 acre lot. It would have been a deal breaker but I do love the privacy of the woods. The shade isn't so terrible either in our spectacularly hot summers these days.

Delighted Hands said...

So nice to get the perspective; it's all beautiful and you certainly have the green thumb!

Cat Lover said...

Hi Valerie, thanks for sharing the garden photos. So nice to be able to see it all. You really have packed so many beautiful plants into your space.
Take care.

Vera said...

So nice to see and WOW, you really have packed a ton in there! I'm impressed. Hoping you will take similar pictures to share when all is in bloom!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Well done!!! You've created a beautiful spot to relax in. So pretty! I just love how you've layed it all out.

Anonymous said...

Your back garden looks like a wonderful place to sit out and relax.

bittenbyknittin said...

WOW! Quite the assortment of plants. Keep taking pix as everything starts blooming.