Monday, May 15, 2017

Knitting and sitting!

Beading has begun on Magpie...
It oesn't show well here, but they are a beautiful cream-coloured pearl (to match the pearls from her grand-mother that she will be wearing). They are a gorgeous contrast to the black yarn.

And a few of you mentioned how nice black is, but how it can be a pain to work with... it's true, but I've got a pretty good set up!
My torchiere has a little bendable task light, that I can direct however I want. So time of day doesn't matter with this knit!

And like my couch? It's new to me (and almost completely new in general - just a year old and barely used in that time). A friend's mother was down-sizing, and they were having trouble donating it because it's also a sofa bed too (apparently  the local charities only want regular sofas). She posted on facebook and asked if anyone was in need - it was free to a good home, as long as the new owner could come pick it up.

Since my main piece of livingroom furniture was a worn-out old futon, you can bet I was all over that!  I wrangled Dad and Dave, and after a rather uncomfortable journey crammed into Dad's truck, a lot of heavy lifting, and a little swearing... we got it into the house and set up.

It's so nice to have grown-up furniture!


Araignee said...

I've got that same lamp in the card room. It used to be Daddio's sewing lamp. It is handy. Black is a pain. I forgot about that. I've always wanted a spidery black shawl but I doubt I could see well enough to ever make one.

Delighted Hands said...

Looks like the perfect couch and a great spot to sit and knit!
The pearls look great with the black-who knew?!

Vera said...

Your shawl will be gorgeous! And, I do like your new couch - congratulations!!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Yay for new furniture! And free new furniture is even a bigger YAY!! It's always so fun to get and that couch is very pretty and looks very comfy! Score!

Anonymous said...

That will make a great knitting corner!