Saturday, May 6, 2017

Soaking up a slice of sun

First... thanks for your support of Rupert and our local shelter. Last I check, he was in 10th place, which means he has a spot on a calendar so far, but he's going to need help to keep it! If you can spare a few dollars - every little bit counts!

Second...  it's STILL raining!!!!!

I took advantage of our one day of sunshine (on Wednesday)  to do a little puttering about in the garden.

A couple of the Winter Sow seedlings were starting to look a little cramped, so I decided it was as good as time as any to get the in the ground.
The Lupins were easy to transplant. They are small but sturdy. I considered putting some in each garden, but in the end decided they'd look nice all together and just spread them out at one end of the new garden.
The Iceland Poppies were more of a challenge. While healthy, they are still pretty delicate. I left them clumped together and they can be split up later when they are a little more established.
For the Butterfly Mix, I opted for a pot. There's about 10 different plants in here, some annual, some perennial. Until I'm sure what I've got, I figured a pot would be ideal. I can split things up and give them a permanent home once I see what's there.
The Hollyhocks are still in their Winter Sow jug. I'm not sure where I'm going to put them yet. I'm thinking I'll be digging something new.
These teeny tiny things are Zebra Mallows. I picked the seeds up on a whim the other week (I got some Bachelor Buttons  too which I tossed directly in the Little Bee Garden). They are related to Hollyhocks, and similar in size, so they'll tag along once I decide on a location.
The Mammoth Sunflowers are doing fantastic. I had to open up the jug, but I'm leaving them a little while longer until they are little more squirrel resistant.
The Indian Blanket and Teddy Bear Sunflowers are much smaller, but still healthy. I think they are both smaller sunflowers to begin with.
I've been nursing a potted catnip plant along in the house. It kept Ollie happy throughout winter and was down to just a few leaves. I figured some sun (if we ever get it) and warm soil would help it thrive. Of course, Ollie sauntered over about five minutes later and ripped it right out of the ground...

I shooed him away and replanted it. He resorted to stalking the birds from under the raspberries....
 ... and seems content to leave it alone. At least for now...

If not, I think there there will be another trip to the Hamilton Farmers Market for a new one. Which is never a bad thing!Of  course, this rain has to let up, first.


Anonymous said...

That photo of Ollie is beautiful!!!

I certainly wish we could get some of that rain. We had an awful thunder storm yesterday. But, when the rain comes down THAT hard, it basically just runs off and doesn't do a whole lot of good.

It knocked out the power in the part of the city we were in and we had to drive home in rush hour traffic with no traffic signals. Fortunately, MOST people were very polite and took turns at the intersections.

Cat Lover said...

Your garden looks great! Wasn't it wonderful to see the sun on Wednesday? I stayed outside for most of the day.
My friend Janice is not a gardener so told me to come take all the plants I wanted from her new house. She didn't want them. I did!
Take care.

Araignee said...

We've had nothing but rain and gloom here for days too. What happened to spring?

Delighted Hands said...

Ollie the hidden scout! Great photo!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Rain, rain and more rain! We are hearing a lot about it in the news lately. Hopefully it lets up soon for you so that you can some of those lovely plants outdoors. I just love growing things!
Have a great week,

kathy b said...

Oh Ollie. Those eyes surrounded my leaves. Your winter Sow was far far more successful than mine. Could it be I babied mine too much. ? I'm just so glad some grew here. Only the lupine. Only a few! Keep us posted on your fabulous growing garden all season!