Thursday, May 18, 2017

Get in the ground

Now that the warm weather is truly here and appears to be sticking around, it was time to get the patio table cleared up so we can sit outside.

That meant the last of the winter so stuff needed to get in the garden. My plan was to dig a new garden for the Hollyhocks. But the Crocosmia bulbs I got from Dollarama didn't seem to be doing much.... so I decided the Hollyhocks could have their spot.
(I did find a few Crocosmia bulbs as I dug - they had itty bitty roots, so I tossed them in another spot - we'll see if they like that better). The Zebra Mallow are still too small to transplant, but they will go here as well, when they are ready.
There were three Mammoth sunflowers, so I planted them around the double blooming Oriental Lily. I had a sunflower her last year - they are about the same height, but the Lily blooms earlier, so they co-exist nicely.
The TeddyBear sunflowers got planted to the right of the Hollyhocks.
And since the Indian Blanket sunflowers don't get too tall (just a couple feet) theywent in the new garden with the black lilies. I've only got two of them, and it looks like someone already nibbled on one of them.... I do have more seeds though - just incase (I REALLY like these ones)

So... as long as the squirrels leave them alone (always a gamble) we'll have a nice mix of sunflowers this year. The only thing left on the table is the chives. They are small, but still alive, so I figure they can stay for a while. I think Chives may be something to grow directly in the garden though... the sprouts seem just too delicate for transplanting.

And just to keep you up-to-date on the state of the gardens...
The lilac is starting to bloom! Every once in a while, the wind blows in the right direction and it just smells heavenly!
I don't think I've mentioned it... but it looks like only one of my Dianthans survived (there were seven). I'm not complaining - they were bought three years ago, and they were supposed to be annuals. The one that's left is looking a little rough around the edges, and as you can see... the blooms are too.
The Pasque Flower is showing off. I wish this came in other colours, becuase it's a great spring performer.
I thought I'd lost the Alpine Aster... but as you can see - it's still trying. I'm not sure it's going to make it - normally by now it'd be fully leafed out - but we'll see.
 Everything in the Winter Sow Butterfly Mix still looks largely the same (though its healthy and green). But I'm pretty sure I've at least got some Forget-me-nots staring to bloom there. I love Forget-me-nots, though I don't usually have too much luck with them.
My black/purple irses have started to bloom. The red on isn't far behind. There's no sign on buds on my Siberian Irises yet, but apparently, they bloom later that the Bearded Irises, so we're playing wait-and-see still.
The Alium is the slowest blooming plant I've ever seen! It's been looking like this for days now!
The Lily-of-the-Valley is enjoying the warmer weather
And so are the strawberries.
And, as mentioned - the Bleeding Heart has taken over the Little Bee Garden. After it's done blooming, I'm going to have to trim it back!

Any new bloomers in your world...


Anonymous said...

You've got ALL.THE.FLOWERS!!!

Love the Lily of the Valley. They have always been one of my favorites.

Delighted Hands said...

I love the smell of the lily of the valley! And the lilac-that goes without saying!
You have a beautiful garden starting up!

Araignee said...

I have never seen half the things you are putting in the ground. You are going to have an explosion of color this summer!

Vera said...

You have such a nice variety of plants in your gardens. I enjoy seeing them all. Our wisteria was really sparse this year and so far only one columbine came up under the apple tree. The one is gorgeous though with lots of blooms, but I wonder where the others are. Fletch got tomato plants to put in today before we take off for the weekend - also some peppers (bell and mildly hot) and kale. We have a ton of red romaine to harvest!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Beautiful already! I bet it's going to smell amazing when in full bloom.

elns said...

So many lovely growing things! Bloom City! I need a zyrtec just looking at all the photos. We need a long shot so I can admire it in it's totality. No wonder the Garden Cat has made you a surrogate home!